Community Initiative Support Organization(CISO) is an indigenous non-for profit non-governmental organization operating in Ethiopia especially Southern Regional State(SNNPR) and Oromia regions . The organization was registered by the Ministry of Justice of Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia in October 2003 and re-registered as Ethiopian residents Charity by Charities and societies Agency as of November 2009.  CISO is distinct in its approach as it works with its partners with great accountability and endeavors to     maintain commitment to community empowerment to the extent that rural and disadvantaged communities become self-reliant through health, education and secure livelihoods

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As its name implies, Community Initiative Support Organization (CISO) is committed to supporting community initiatives and strives to capitalize on the indigenous knowledge and local resources. CISO has been working in the Southern Nation Nationalities People Regional State and Oromia regions since its establishment in 2003. The organization has a plan to expand its operational areas to different regions of the country in a near future.

The target groups of CISO are children, youth, women, PLWHAs, disabled and other vulnerable community members. The whole programs covered 62 kebeles with a total of 31,000 households. The direct and indirect beneficiaries are estimated at 120,000 and 600,000, respectively.



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